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Finite element simulation of shear slitting of aluminum webs

Lu, H.
Wang, B.
Ma, J.
Viswanathan, H.
Li, M.

A three-dimensional finite element (FE) procedure has been developed to simulate shear slitting using ABAQUS/Explicit, and the process of shear slitting has been investigated for aluminum webs obeying elastic-plastic constitutive behavior. Shear failure criterion is used in the FE model to allow the creation of new surfaces as the blades guide the web separation. Shear slitting of aluminum webs is analyzed for different slitting parameters to determine their effects on the burr creation at a slit edge. The numerical study focuses on the effects of clearance and blade sharpness on burr formation. Numerical analysis has determined bun shape and burr height at slit edges. Burr profiles from FE simulation agree very well with those from experiments. The relations between burr height and clearance are also found from FE analysis. The mechanism of burr formation during shear slitting has been studied from numerical analysis. The relations between slitting parameters and burr height for different materials, determined from FE analysis, can potentially be used to determine the optimum shear slitting parameters for a given material.