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Impact of Generation Y on employee retention in a large Oklahoma aerospace company

Thomas, Angela M.
The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study is to identify and investigate the issues of employee retention in the Oklahoma aerospace industry; specifically, examining if employee retention, as well as turnover, is and will continue to be perpetuated by the Generation Y workforce. In addition, this research study will determine the perceptions of Generation Y employees regarding their aerospace employers and co-workers, and the influence of Generation Y regarding employee turnover and retention. To determine if Generation Y turnover is, in fact, generationally related, the researcher will examine dimensions of work environment that possibly influence Generation Y employees' intent to leave their current employment position, and provide approaches (recommendations) to cultivate retention rates of the Generation Y workforce. Private interviews are necessary to determine the perceptions of Generation Y employees currently employed in an Oklahoma aerospace company. It is likely that the strength of this study will come from probing questions to gain insight into the ideas and perspectives of Generation Y aerospace employees.