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Sustainable Agriculture in Oklahoma: A Study of Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Needs for Precision Agriculture Education and Other Obstacles in the Adoption of Precision Agriculture in Oklahoma

Crumpler, Beth Elaine
Describing the current state of precision agriculture in the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES) and discovering obstacles in the adoption of precision agriculture in Oklahoma were the purposes of this study. Telephone interviews with OCES agricultural educators were used to describe the current status of precision agriculture education and services in the OCES. Precision agriculture activities and education were found to be lacking in Oklahoma. Most OCES agricultural educators thought that they would benefit from an inservice precision agriculture education program. Obstacles in the adoption of precision agriculture included lack of pasture and grazing lands precision agriculture knowledge in counties, lack of precision agriculture equipment for OCES educators, precision agriculture training needs in OCES, cost of precision agriculture, and vacancies in OCES.