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Evaluation of Shortleaf Pine Germination and Early Survival under Various Seedbed Conditions�

Boggs, James Anthony
Germination and early survival of shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata Mill.) seed can be enhanced with proper seedbed preparation. Seedbeds, resulting from various burning intensities following fell-burn site preparation on a Ouachita Mountain site in southeastern Oklahoma, were evaluated following a winter sowing of non-stratified seed, and spring sowing of stratified. seed. The winter sowing resulted in higher fie~d germi:rl:ation (3.3 vs. 2.0%) than the spring sowing. Seeds sowed on areas receiving a more intensive burn germinated approximately four times betterthan those on low or no burn areas. Stocking ranged from 60% on winter sown, hot burned plots to 3% on spring sown, no burn plots. Because the areas where pine slash was concentrated seemed to burn with the greatest intensities, a system which requires slash�to be evenly scattered over the site instead of stacking or windrowing would be beneficial.