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Course of study in general metal in the senior high school, Bristow, Oklahoma

Bolinger, T. D.
Scope of Study: The report was made because the author recognized the need to formulate a desirable industrial arts program in the senior high school of Bristow, Oklahoma. The study also reveals the safety rules that should be used in the course of study. The ways of determing grades in the industrial arts classes were listed.
Findings and Conclusion: Industrial arts is not as new a field as most people think. Records show that industrial arts has been used for many years. The general shop was first used in the junior high school, but is changing very rapidly to the senior high school. One of the main disadvantages of the general shop at first was finding qualified teachers who could teach the several units that are sometimes required. A general shop will be very successful on any school level if well organized and if administered correctly. A general education curriculum is not complete without a well organized industrial arts program. To help organize the industrial arts program, a survey was taken to decide the courses that were needed and would best suit the needs of the community. Instructional units are prepared in the course of study for: Sheet Metal, Arc-Welding, Oxy-Acetylene Welding, and Machine Shop.