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AIChE Design Competition 2017: Nylon-6,6 production facility

Sadler, Allie
Grider, Chris
Fuoss, Caroline
Burns, Jordan
Nylon-6,6 is a synthetic polymer that is manufactured from Adipic Acid and Hexamethylenediamine (HMDA). This report outlines the process design and economic analysis for the construction of a grassroots plant for the production of 85 million lbs/year of Nylon-6,6. For this design, a batch process was selected. Four reactors are utilized, and four complete cycles of each reactor are run per day. The economic analysis was performed over a span of fifteen years, assuming ten year MACRS depreciation on capital costs. A minimum rate of return of 15% was assumed. The net present value of the Nylon-6,6 production plant is $69,300,000 at 100% capacity. The discounted cash flow rate of return is 113%.
The process has been determined profitable and feasible after a technical, safety, and economic evaluation. It is recommended that this project move into the next stage of detailed design utilizing the process design described in this report.