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Stress response of RsbR protein paralogs in Bacillus subtilis under 1M sodium stress

Bush, Sidney Robert
Toews, Madeline
Cabeen, Matthew T.
Stress is a universal phenomenon, and all organisms need a way to cope with it. The Model bacterium Bacillus subtilis has a complex of proteins known as a stressosome that is responsible for sensing stressors in the environment and later promoting a stress response. The protein the we believe to be responsible for sensing stress is known as RsbR. The RsbR protein has 4 variants or paralogs that we know, when given identical stressors, promote different responses. However we did not know which paralog promoted the best overall fitness. We found that in 1M sodium stress, RsbRD showed the highest overall fitness. As we learn more about the stressosome we will be able to determine new and better ways to treat bacterial infections with this mechanism within stressful environments like the human body.