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Distribution, Thickness and Reservoir Properties of the Lower Morrow Sandstone on the Northern Shelf of the Anadarko Basin in Harper, Woods and Woodward Counties, Oklahoma

Ogunyomi, Temitope
Wire-line logs for over 1500 wells across the townships (T. 24-27 N., R. 17-21 W.) in Woodward, Woods and Harper Counties, Oklahoma were acquired for analysis. The logs provided gamma-ray, resistivity, neutron-density porosity and bulk density signatures that were used to distinguish between strata of the Atoka, Morrow and the Chester intervals. Well data, including production information for the numerous wells across the area were also obtained for the study. Cross sections were constructed as well as structure, isopach and production maps to better understand the lateral extent, structure, distribution patterns, thickness and trends of the sandstones. Internal features and geometry of the lower Morrow sandstones were determined using core, thin section, and electron microprobe analyses.