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Propagation through terahertz waveguides with photonic crystal boundaries

Bingham, Adam L.
Scope and Method of Study: The research presented in this dissertation investigates the integration of photonic crystal lattices into parallel plate waveguides at terahertz frequencies. The experimental data was obtained by measuring the terahertz pulses through the photonic crystal waveguides in a standard terahertz time domain spectroscopy system. The terahertz pulses were generated and detected via optoelectronic means utilizing lithographically fabricated transmitting and receiving antennas and a femtosecond laser.
Findings and Conclusions: The main findings of this research are that metallic photonic crystal waveguides are a potential two-dimensional interconnect, and photonic waveguides act as an excellent guided-wave filter. The photonic crystal waveguides demonstrate attenuation approximating that of a comparable metallic waveguide, and demonstrate the capability to integrate guided-wave components with a high level of performance. The photonic waveguides act as a powerful filter, and the mode-matching theory allows complete design control over the waveguides.