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BlooKooz Inc.: Final report

Hinds, James
Holsapple, Kennan
Kavalec, Kaitlin
Saxon, Chandler
Peery, Colton
This paper presents the design concept for a rapid beverage cooling device targeted towards busy individuals who require a quick and efficient way to chill drinks. The rising demand for such a solution is driven by the common inconvenience of waiting for beverages to cool in a traditional refrigerator, a struggle faced by both college students and professionals alike.
This project focuses on the "proof of concept" stage, aiming to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed rapid beverage cooler. The core functionality targets a significant reduction in cooling time, bringing beverages from room temperature (68°F) to a chilled state (38-45°F) within 5 minutes. Additionally, the design prioritizes user-friendliness with a slide-switch mechanism, incorporates error indicators for easy troubleshooting, and adheres to safety standards. The prototype development also strives for quiet operation (below 75 dB) and water resistance, ensuring a functional and user-friendly experience.
This research will involve applying engineering principles to analyze different mechanical and electrical components, ultimately determining if the concept is viable for further development and potential market readiness within the next 1-2 semesters.