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Study of Recursive Divide Architectures and Implementation for Division and Multiplication

Phadke, Amey P.
Multipliers have been key and critical components for most application-specific and general-purpose computer architectures. However, these architectures have been transitioning towards multiple cores that can process large amounts of data through parallel approaches to computation. Unfortunately, traditional arithmetic functional units that worked well for single-core architectures have the side effect of incurring large amounts of area and power. Consequently, multi-core architecture need new ways of thinking about increased throughput to handle large amounts of data. This work discusses implementation of different divider algorithms and presents a recursive high radix divide unit that is modified to handle both multiplication and division targeted at multi-core architectures. Results are obtained with a 65nm technology and show a significant decrease in area and power while still maintaining a low total latency by utilizing high radix encoding within the functional unit.