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System reliability programs for VAX computer system: Interactive Sum of Disjoint Products (INSDP) and Interactive Simplified Topological Reliability Analysis Program (INSTRAP)

Lay, Maung M.
Scope and Method of Study: This study converted two batch-oriented PL/I system reliability programs- Sum of Disjoint Products (SOP) and Simplified Topological Reliability Analysis Program (STRAP), into interactive menu-driven programs on the VAX computer system. The interactive versions of the programs are INSDP and INSTRAP, respectively. The underlying principles of SOP and topological reliability are discussed briefly. The emphasis is to show how INSDP and INSTRAP can be used. Examples are provided to enhance the learning process of these programs.
Findings and Conclusions: The INSDP and INSTRAP were used by several graduate students for class assignments here at OSU. The programs' ease of use and the interactive features were found to be satisfactory. Eventually, these programs will be implemented on the microcomputers, and this study has provided the foundation for such purpose.