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Separation of D- and L-methamphetamine in Postmortem Samples via Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (Lc-ms/ms)

Mitchell, James

Bred cows are inputs into beef production. Often producers are directly marketing cows as beef replacement animals. Alternatively, some producers are capitalizing on alternative marketing opportunities and are selling cull cows as bred cows. These two distinct marketing strategies create two unique subclasses of bred cows sold in Oklahoma auctions, which results in quality and value variation. Product differentiation and price variability is frequently modeled using the hedonic approach. Hedonic models have previously been applied to various classes of cattle including cull cows and cow-calf pairs. However, no previous research has determined the value of bred cow characteristics. There is a need for research that explicitly estimates the value of bred cow characteristics in a hedonic framework. The objective of this research is to determine the market value of various bred cow traits, including age, weight, months bred, cow quality, and hide color. In addition to physical characteristics, this research accounts for market factors and price seasonality. Results presented in this research will benefit both bred cow buyers and sellers. Sellers will be more informed on which traits buyers find desirable. Furthermore, bred cow buyers will be able to use these results to further refine their current cow procurement practices.