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Attachment Styles and Negative Affect: Identifying Underlying Processes

Rolling, Emily S.
The aim of the present study was to examine the potential mediating role of alpha amylase on attachment style and affect. The results did not support the proposed hypotheses. Therefore, exploratory analyses were conducted. First, secure couples demonstrated significantly larger changes in female partner's alpha amylase levels from intake to the end of the conversation. Next, female partners in secure couples had higher levels of alpha amylase post discussion than did female partners in insecure couples. Third, female partner's alpha amylase levels at intake were positively correlated with transitions per minute during the pre period. Lastly, differences between partner's alpha amylase levels post discussion were positively associated with dispersion in the post period. These results point to the importance of recognizing physiological cues which may help individuals adaptively attend to relational threats, maintaining flexibility in interaction, and acknowledging their partner's perspective. Clinical implication and suggestions for future research are discussed.