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Need of liability insurance for science teachers

Fink, Kenneth Cameron
Scope of Study: A study was made by corresponding with County Attorneys of the State of Oklahoma and eighty different Insurance Companies throughout the United States concerning the need of Liability Insurance for Science Teachers. As well as numerous interviews with College Professors and High School Science Teachers. These opinions were classified according to the cause, need, and the protection of science teachers with Liability Insurance.
Findings and Conclusions: From the information gathered, a majority of the County Attorneys expressed an opinion as to the need of Liability Insurance protection for the good Science Teacher, one who, teaches beyond the scope of the state adopted textbook. Most of all the Insurance Companies expressed the opinion that the cost for Liability Insurance was small as compared to the possible expense of attorney fees and/or judgements. The teacher without Liability Insurance may find himself with an expensive court action that would have been covered in a Liability Insurance Policy.