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Hybridization, Genetic Manipulation, and Asexual Propagation of Lychnis Species

Jiang, Li
This study focused on conventional breeding in the genus Lychnis L. involving two different breeding methods and asexual propagation, which is an essential horticultural technique to facilitate ornamentals reproduction including hybrids. Intraspecific, interspecific, and intergeneric hybridizations and chemical mutagenesis were investigated both for generating desirable ornamental traits and methodology research. Also stem and leaf cuttings were attempted to initial establishment of asexual propagation procedures for Lychnis. Several desirable hybrids and many mutants were selected. Results revealed that hybrid seed morphology indicates hybridization success, and cytoplasmic inheritance reflected by some Lychnis traits. The sensitivity to different mutagens was variable among selected species. Caffeine showed an effect on Lychnis, whereas the effectiveness as a breeding mutagen calls for further investigation. Best media and hormone combinations for rooting were determined for two experimental Lychnis species, repectively, for the first time.