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Use of Surface Textile Manipulation to Create a Minoan Culture Influenced Apparel Collection

Mason, Jenna
This project will look at the application of various dyeing techniques for garments inspired by the Minoan culture. This design project will blend two different areas of interest; a) textile surface manipulation techniques and b) inspiration drawn from the Minoan time period. This project will display a cross cultural inspiration by applying dyeing techniques and textile manipulation to develop Minoan culture inspired garments. The textile surface manipulation techniques that will be featured in this project include a combination of methods that have been used in historic and modern cultures around the world. The objectives of the project are outlined below. 1)Design six garment inspired by upper class Minoan women, 2700 BC - 1400 BC 2)To take various surface manipulation techniques and apply them to contemporary, modern clothing, which have the ability to be commercially produced 3)To take one fabric, cotton, and create six head-to-toe looks that showcase the fabric's versatility and dye-ability 4)To exhibit a cohesive collection in the Design, Housing and Merchandising Gallery. Dyeing techniques used have historic roots and are not often utilized in modern clothing. The idea was to showcase six garments that utilize these techniques and could be commercially produced in today's market. Some of the dyeing techniques used for the garments would not be mass produced. However, the concept for each design could be adapted to reproduce each of the garments on a larger scale. The third goal was to present a collection that was cohesive. All of the garments in this collection were inspired by the Minoan civilization. Minoan women's dress consisted of elements such as: tiers, form-fitting garments, corsets, `v' skirts, separates, and bold colors. All six of the garments in this collection were inspired by those elements and utilized in different ways.