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Examination of the medical tourists motivational behavior and perception: A structural model

Saiprasert, Wanlanai
Scope and Method of Study: The objectives of this study were to (1) examine the structural relationship of medical tourists motivational behavior and perception model; (2) assess the moderating effect of repeat visit on relationship between motivation and perceived destination image, perceived quality and perceived value, perceived quality and overall satisfaction; (3) examine the differences between international medical tourists' profiles on motivational behavior and perception; and (4) recommend medical tourism strategies in order to facilitate the medical tourist expectations and strengthen services for future competition. Respondents were international medical tourists travelled to Thailand. The total of 376 medical tourists participated in this study. ANOVA and independent sample T-Test were applied for the significant difference on medical tourist motivational behavior and perception. Structural equation modeling by LISREL 8.80 and hierarchical multiple regression were used to examined the causal links among constructs.
Findings and Conclusions: Results revealed that international medical tourist motivation (attraction and opportunity) positively influence the perceived medical image. The perceived medical image also positively influence perceived quality on both medical staff and supporting services. Furthermore, medical staff quality also positively influences the perceived value and overall satisfaction of international medical tourists. Finally, the perceived value and overall satisfaction also positively influence the behavioral intention by word of mouth recommendation, repeat visit, and willingness to pay more. This study further found the moderating effect of frequent visit on perceived quality of and perceived value. Moreover, the results indicated that international medical tourists were significant difference on their motivational behavior and perception. This study suggested that the corporation between hospitals and government should be implemented in order to be successful as medical tourism destination.