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Exploring Finances, Emotions, and Couple Relations Using the Family Stress Model and Stress Spillover Model

Hubler, Daniel
This study was to identify if an association exists between couple SES and affective experience while communicating, and it also was to identify evidence supporting partner global stress as a partial mediator of this relationship. Participants were 41 couples in a married or committed relationship. Each couple had a positive and negative conversation. A continuous-response measure was used to obtain self-report data on couple affect. The results showed no significant relationship existed between couple income and couple affect, except for the relationship in which couple SES significantly and positively correlated with couple's visits to negativity following a negative conversation. Also the more global stress felt by a wife correlated with longer durations the couple spent in negative states following a negative conversation. The difference based on gender found suggests the need to look at gender differences in stress and how they predict couple affect during interactions.