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Analysis of the relationship between work experience and the change in goals of technical employees of an oil company

Ayres, Charles Arthur
Purpose of Study: The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between age or work experience and the change in goals of technical employees of an oil company. The first objective was to determine if a change in goals could be measured for both supervisors and non-supervisors. The second objective was to develop a motivation model based on work experience of a technical employee's career from college to retirement.
Findings and Conclusions: It was found that the change in goals for supervisors and non-supervisors could be measured in relation to age or work experience. Evidence indicates that a technical employee in a large company goes through definite phases where training, visibility, promotion, and accomplishment each reach a maximum level of importance. The number of years that a man spends in each phase depends on the individual's goals and the promotional and technical specialist opportunities available within the organization, The performance that an individual makes in any one phase depends on the organizational motivators, the environmental motivators, and the phase interchange or feedback. The assistance of supervisors and managers can be of primary importance to the individual's performance at different phases of his career.