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Evaluating the Ocurrence, Seasonal History, Species Composition and Impact of Phyllophaga and Cyclocephala Grubs Infesting Bermudagrass (Cynodon Spp.) in Oklahoma

Doskocil, Joseph Paul
In many regions of the United States, the species of Phyllophaga important to turfgrass quality have not been identified. Relatively few studies have been conducted on the biology and damage potential of the known Phyllophaga turf pests. Currently species most likely to be economic pests of turfgrasses in Oklahoma are unknown and methods to reliably identify immature Phyllophaga to species are not readily available. The objectives of this study are to determine the species composition and seasonal occurrences of Phyllophaga associated with turfgrasses in Oklahoma, and develop a molecular method that would reliably identify larvae of Phyllophaga inhabiting turfgrass ecosystems. Black light trapping was utilized to collect adult specimens and cytochrome c oxidase I region was sequenced from both adults and larvae for larval identification. Over a two year period 20 different adult species were identified; ten of these species had larval counter parts inhabiting the turfgrass ecosystem.