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Parent Involvement Partnerships and Perceived Changes in Parents Information and Behavior

Rice, Jamie Elizabeth
The purpose of this study was to examine parent-caregiver communication in child care centers and their sharing of information with parents on the topics of child development, discipline, and the learning process. This study also explored whether parents report learning from the information shared by staff at the child care center. 387 mothers were randomly selected from 78 child care centers. Interviews and questionnaires were utilized with the directors of the child care centers as well as the mothers participating. This study indicated that child care centers do provide a variety of methods for sharing information with parents. Also supported by this study is the clear benefit that parents feel from this sharing of information, as reported in their own changes in understanding and behaviors since their child entered their respective child care program. The preferred method of sharing information with parents on the subject of child development and behavior and guidance was that of informal discussion.