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PDC drill bit modeling in hard rock

Sleeper, Seth
The objective of thesis is to develop a detailed PDC drill bit ROP model that can be implemented in a real time drilling optimization system for hard rock application. Within the drilling industry, often times operational costs are in terms of run time or daily rates which makes the need to maximize the efficiency of time spent in drilling a well key to coming in under budget. This study is a part of a two year department of energy project interested in increasing efficiency in hard rock drilling operations to increase the economic viability for renewable energy developed by geothermal wells. The approach taken to develop the new PDC drill bit ROP model began with PDC single cutter performance modeling in hard rock which initiated the step by step process of full hole integration. In conjunction to this study, full hole testing was conducted at Sandia Nation Laboratories in their hard rock drilling facility where PDC drill bit performance was analyzed in Sierra White Granite. The results of this study verified a new PDC drill bit ROP model based on single cutter performance. In addition, implementation of the model on the experimental data showed prediction capabilities were sufficient with less than 1% error. The results indicate that single cutter integration along with bit performance parameters included in the model proved to be viable in the development of the real time optimization system.