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System and Method for Synthesis of Poss-Graphene Oxide Derivatives as Effective Fillers for Developing High Performance Composites

According to an embodiment, a method for grafting POSS (polyhedral silsesquioxane) nanomaterial to graphene oxide is described for use in preparation of high performance composite materials. In another embodiment, amine functionalized graphene oxide may be particularly suitable. In this embodiment, POSS molecules grafted to amine functionalized graphene oxide are synthesized by reacting graphene oxide with different POSS molecules. The amine functionalized graphene oxide may be dissolved in a solvent and the reaction may include the presence of a catalyst. The resultant POSS grafted graphene oxide/POSS grafted amine functionalized graphene oxide may be mixed with a resin (epoxy) in a masterbatch. The masterbatch may then be packaged and sold. The masterbatch material may then be introduced into the interlaminar area of graphite/epoxy composites. Biodegradability and interlaminar fracture toughness testing results from the use of epoxy based nanocomposites containing POSS modified graphene oxide polymer are expected to improve.