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Optimization of gas withdrawal rates from single well and multi well reservoirs

Hummer, Donal Joseph
Scope and Method of Study: This paper presents a new method for obtaining a steady state solution of an integrated gas system model made up of pipelines in either storage or natural gas fields. By use of this very flexible solution technique, it is possible to solve directly for system parameters when field information is available. Linear programming will be used in this model, a technique which as of late has made inroads into many segments of the petroleum industry. The final model will be developed in steps by first exploring the general equations of gas flow applied to a single well in a single producing field, to the more common multi well reservoir, multi reservoir field where the performance of one well is directly influenced by the performance of the adjoining wells.
Findings and Conclusions: The developed equations modeling the typical gas reservoirs in use today are valid only when the assumptions employed in their derivation are recognized. Application of the equations indicate that an optimal solution is possible through the use of linear programming techniques.
An important implication of these results is that management now has at its disposal an optimization model based upon deriving the maximum dollar profits.