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Development of Processes for Online GIS Data Selection, Extraction, and Aggregation using ArcIMS and .Net Technology

Chudiwale, Varun
ArcIMS website was designed using modern .Net technologies. These technologies combined together enable users to extract different GIS datasets from online mapping systems. The website also provides an interactive, Internet-based map service for the analysis, data capture, and route-tracing functions that are applicable to transportation systems. These developed applications are available on the World Wide Web. This allows internet based usage of the system for research on Transportation and Satellite imagery. Furthermore the system facilitates unified downloading of Raster and Vector data for a desired area. The proposed system is developed by integrating ArcIMS, ArcSDE, ArcXML with C #.NET. The website designed allows "what you see is what you get" downloading of both Vector and Raster based geographic files and images directly to the user's computer through compressed (.zip) aggregated files. A novel approach to route-tracing functions over the computer screen on a map is also implemented. These functionalities are available in the form of DLL (Dynamic Link Libraries) for reusability. These DLLs can be used in the development of any Web GIS application.