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Sportsman's view of the bobwhite quail

Weber, Victor Lee, Jr.
Scope of Study: The bobwhite quail is one of the United States' upland game birds which is hunted quite extensively by the sportsman and his dog. In some areas of the bobwhite's range, the bird is almost extinct due to improper range management, lack of sufficient cover and food, and, in some cases, excess killing of the bird by hunters. This report deals with three aspects of the bobwhite quail and the relationship of these aspects to the sportsman and his dog. These areas of study include the life history of the bird, the habitat of the bird, and the relationship between man and his dog to the quail in the field. This report was completed from books and journals dealing with the various aspects of this upland game bird.
Findings and Conclusions: The bobwhite quail can be preserved in rangeland that has adequate cover and feed. Cooperation between the land owner and the farmer will help insure an abundance of quail in most areas of the bobwhite's range. Knowledge of the facets of the bobwhite quail related in this report would help both the sportsman and the land owner gain insight into the problem of conserving this upland game bird.