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Firearm screening in the outpatient setting

Hayden, Sarah
Fugate, Colony
Introduction: The AAP recommends that pediatricians incorporate questions about the presence and availability of firearms into their patient history taking and urge parents who possess guns to prevent access by their children1. Studies show that parents who are counseled are more likely to adopt responsible gun storage practices2. Implementation of this approach could result in a significant reduction in firearm related injury each year3.
Design: Randomized retrospective chart review
Methods: Well child checks for children aged 3-17 from January 2016 - December 2016.
Results: Of the 600 charts reviewed, the presence of firearms within the home was asked 71% of the time. Of those, 18.3% stated yes but education regarding AAP recommendations was not documented.
Conclusion: OSU Pediatrics needs further training on firearm screening, safety, and appropriate documentation.