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Implementation of 32 Bit Brent Kung Adder Using Complementary Pass Transistor Logic

Gundi, Noel Daniel
Adders are the most vital part of any digital system. Providing an efficient adder design which satisfies the tradeoff between speed and space aides in increasing the performance of the system. In the modern age in addition to the tradeoff between speed and space, power consumption plays a vital role. Devices with low power consumption and good performance are always preferred. Parallel Prefix adder are the ones widely used in Digital Design. This is primarily because of the flexibility in designing the Adders. Brent Kung Adder is a low power adder, as it uses minimum circuitry to obtain the result. The use of Complementary Pass transistor Logic aides in increasing the performance of the design by using the multiplexer approach in designing the various cells. The 16 bit design is extended to 32 bit, implemented in the physical level and successfully simulated. The area and delay results are accordingly illustrated.