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Dissection techniques for high school biology teachers

Nelson, Carl Christian
Nature of Study: Many high school biology teachers fail to offer their students any individual laboratory activities. One phase of activities which can be effectively administered, but is often avoided by high school biology teachers, is the dissection of preserved animal specimens. This report deals with various problems which appear while conducting dissection activities. Items such as: obtaining preserved specimens; dissection equipment; facilities required for dissection; motivation of students; and, dissection procedures are discussed. Also included are dissection plans, orderly step-by-step procedures, for the earthworm, frog, grasshopper, and the fetal pig.
Use of the Study: It is desired that the concepts developed and the dissection plans included in this report will be of value to secondary biology teachers who do not include dissection activities in their biology classes. Also that some teachers who are not satisfied with the methods they currently employ may be assisted by the dissection techniques described.