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Homecoming Safety Inspection Process: What gets measured gets done

Hall, Zachary
Swisher, Nathan
Laronde, Ryan
Van Pelt, Greg
The Oklahoma State University (OSU) Homecoming Safety Inspection Process was implemented to identify hazards and implement corrective action in response to the electrocution of three students in 1977. Over the years, there continues a concern of individuals being exposed to safety hazards and injuries in the House Decoration Construction Process. An in-depth review of the existing safety inspection process was conducted to identify opportunities for improvement in reducing the trend of continued exposure to safety hazards. The researchers led a gap analysis and revised the safety inspection process. The researchers interviewed key stakeholders and industry experts, observed the existing inspection process, and collected data through stakeholders' surveys to understand the current safety inspection process. The result was a new safety inspection process using industry best practices and reviews by industry experts ADD. All of the OSU Homecoming Stakeholders agreed to begin the implementation of the new safety inspection process. A new hazard tracking system was also built to communicate identified hazards to key stakeholders in an efficient and effective manner. The new safety inspection process was also extended to cover the entire construction and entire deconstruction phases of OSU Homecoming House Decorations. The improved safety inspection process improves identification of workplace hazards, reduction of hazard occurrence, and enhances communication between process stakeholders.