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Citie Calls for Beere: The Introduction of Hops and the Foundation of Industrial Brewing in London 1200-1700

Burton, Kristen D.
This paper examines the impact of hopped beer on the brewing trade in London between the years 1200-1700. Prior to the arrival of hopped beer, traditional, un-hopped ale reigned as the most popular drink throughout England. This brew, though widely consumed, was an unstable commodity, as it spoiled quickly and brewers could only produce a limited amount. Though the ale brewers of London resisted hopped beer, their product could not compete against the commercial advantages offered by beer. Once accepted by English drinkers, beer became a staple supply to the English army, and London became the primary exporter of beer on the international market. These factors resulted in the greater commercialization of beer in London, paving the way for the rise of industrial brewing in the eighteenth century.