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Gotham State University NIL guide, Sept. 2023

Kennedy, Makinley

In July of 2021, college athletics experienced a ground-breaking development – student-athletes could now profit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). Because of this, the NCAA was forced to change its policies regarding NIL. Now, almost three years later, NIL and college athletics are an ever-changing landscape. New laws are being written by state governing bodies, the federal level is facing pressure to create an overarching standard, and universities are trying to revise their policies to keep up with the times. This tumultuous era for college sports has created new stressors for student-athletes. According to the 2022 NCAA Student-Athlete Well-Being Study, 47% of Division I male and female athletes conveyed they needed more resources to effectively navigate NIL deals. Therefore, this project intends to act as one of those new resources. The Gotham State University Name, Image, and Likeness Guide will provide student-athletes with essential concepts that will act as a broad introduction to the legal aspects of NIL. These key points are delivered in an engaging and enticing manner by utilizing modern design concepts and conversational language. Along with these aspects, the NIL guide uses strategic methods, such as QR codes, to make the guide more accessible to the target audience. By utilizing these strategic techniques, the GSU NIL guide will be an effective resource for student-athletes as they navigate the new world of NIL.

Link to flipbook: https://publuu.com/flip-book/487659/1116972