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Thin Film Piezoelectric on Substrate Resonators Electrical Characterization and Oscillator Circuit Design

Dikbas, Derya
Electronic systems require at least one reference signal to enable system synchronization. Oscillators and resonators are frequency selective devices that generate a desired reference signal for the systems. MEMS frequency selective devices offer alternative solutions for mechanically vibrating devices. MEMS are suitable for vibration applications by their rugged structure. In the present work, resonant behavior of thin film piezoelectric on substrate resonator (TPoS) is studied. Equivalent electrical circuit model parameters are extracted. It is observed that TPoS resonance characteristics are influenced by design aspects. The effects of perforated and continuous electrode designs on resonant behavior and also the change in resonance characteristics with the substrate thickness are reported. The colpitts oscillator circuit is implemented on a PC Board with a 27 MHz TPoS resonator and a 27 MHz quartz resonator. Jitter results are presented for both device.