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Evaluation of technical quality circle team performance

Ammons, Harry L.
Scope and Method of Study: Quality circle team performance of a major energy company was analyzed for tangible savings for the years 1988 and 1989, to determine if quality circles in the technical/professional environment are not as effective as quality circles in the non-technical areas. The performance of 244 teams was analyzed in these two years. Cost and savings data were evaluated using a number of different measures.
Questionnaires were used to obtain attitudinal data in evaluating intangible benefits over the three year period 1983 through 1985. This survey data was designed to measure and evaluate changes in communications, teamwork, attitudes, morale, and job satisfaction resulting from employee involvement in quality circle teams.
Findings and Conclusions: During the years 1988 and 1989, the Technical quality circle team tangible savings exceeded that of the Non-technical teams. It would appear that the work environment of the Technical employee exposes him to greater potential savings than the Nontechnical employee. The Non-technical response to the surveys were slightly more positive than the Technical member response indicating that his intangible benefits were slightly greater. This finding would be consistent with the concept that many of the attributes of the circle team already exist in the technical/professional work environment, and as a result, the intangible benefits of participating in a quality circle program are not as great to the Technical employee when compared to the Non-technical employee.