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Preliminary research for eight possible groundwater energy utilisation sites in Southern Finland

Arola, Teppo
Witick, Isa
Kouvo, Joonas
Kuusela, Jussi

Groundwater energy utilisation has not been widely regognised as a significant renewable energy source for industry in Finland. This investigation provides example of cost-effective study to map groundwater energy utilisation possibilities. The purpose of this investigation is to increase knowledge and promote groundwater energy utilisation in Finland. The investigation was carried out for eight industrial sites located on Nastola, Southern Finland. The research include geological site investigation with groundwater temperature measurements and existing geological, hydrological, geotechnical and environmental literature review. Based on investigations and sites energy consumption data site specific groundwater energy capacity was estimated. Possible environmental barriers for groundwater energy utilisation and preliminary economical calculation was also assessed. Groundwater pumping and infiltration demand for all sites is approximately 43.3 l/s. No significant environmental issues was observed in this investigation. By utilising groundwater energy it is possible to save approximately 600 000 to 800 000 € in yearly energy costs. Hence groundwater energy utilisation can provide cost-effective renewable energy option to all sites. It is possible to plan common groundwater energy system for 2 to 3 companies and hence reduce investment costs. Further actions to continue site investigations is recommended to all sites.