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Impact of social defeat on NF-KB p-65 activation in liver: A study in C57BL/6J male mice

Vaithianathan, Nadesh
McCracken, K.
Daniel, B.
Davis, R.

An increase in mood and anxiety disorders causes a demand to invent new medications and treatment strategies to reduce neuroinflammation in the brain and liver. The drug of interest, B-funaltrexamine (B-FNA) has shown to reduce jauntiness behavior in mice from a previous experiment. We currently are determining if Social Stress increases when a different strain or the same strain of mouse is introduced into the community of mice. This project, Repeated Social Defeat (RSD) has 2 test groups, Single Bout of Social Defeat and RSD to analyze different stress levels through NF-kB p65 Activation levels. This activation level was determined by using Western Blot Analysis. The Results of this experiment showed that the community of mice had increased stress levels regardless of the strain of mice. This experiment will be a footstep for the upcoming implementation of B-FNA as a therapeutic drug.