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Investigation of MMFX Reinforcing Steel and the Admixture IPANEX for Use In Bridge Decks

Hisey, Jonathan
The purpose of this study is to evaluate MMFX reinforcing steel and the admixture IPANEX for use in bridge decks. An experimental program was developed to test certain properties of MMFX steel and IPANEX. Fresh and hardened properties of concrete with and without IPANEX were measured. Corrosion testing of MMFX steel, epoxy coated, and uncoated steel was performed in accordance with ASTM G 109. The corrosion cells for test method G 109 contained were cast with three w/cm, three different amounts of calcium chloride, and with and without Ipanex. Material testing of MMFX steel was performed to determine modulus of elasticity, yield strength, ultimate strength, and percent elongation. Cores were also taken from bridge decks cast with and without IPANEX. The cores were tested for chloride permeability in conformance with ASTM C 1202. The cores were also tested for compressive strength. Modulus of elasticity of field cast cylinders containing IPANEX was measured in conformance with ASTM C 469. Uncoated steel was found to corrode at a faster rate than MMFX and epoxy coated steel. It was unable to be determined if MMFX steel offered superior corrosion performance to epoxy coated steel due to the limited amount of data. The modulus of elasticity of MMFX steel was found to be the same as Grade 60 reinforcing steel. The yield strength and ultimate strength was found to be twice that of Grade 60 steel. The chloride permeability testing showed higher chloride permeability for IPANEX concrete compared to concrete cast without IPANEX. The age of the specimens was also determined to be affecting the chloride permeability. The modulus of elasticity of concrete cylinders containing IPANEX was higher than predicted. The compressive strength of concrete cores was found to be lower in concrete cast with IPANEX. Fresh properties of IPANEX concrete were found not differ greatly than non-IPANEX concrete.