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Positive and negative aspects of student involvement on academic achievement

Dew, Jovette Regina
Scope and Method of Study: The focus of this study was to examine the empirical structure of student involvement and the relationship of that structure to academic achievement measures. Participants in this study included 360 students at a regional Midwestern university. Exploratory factor analysis and multiple correlation techniques were used to explore the research questions presented in the study.
Findings and Conclusions: The student involvement structure comprised of a four factor solution. The factors were Structured Campus Involvement, Campus Resources and Facilities, Proximity to Campus, and Social Connections. The structure was related to academic measures including GPA and CAAP scores on Critical Thinking and Writing. The activity level of student involvement has a positive relationship with GPA, however, the satisfaction with activity level had a positive relationship with GPA, CAAP Critical Thinking, Essay 2 and Essay combined. Multiple comparisons revealed differences on the satisfaction scale between freshmen and juniors on Total Scores Campus Resources and Facilities and Total Scores Structured Campus Involvement. Also, differences were found on the satisfaction scale between and freshmen and seniors on Total Scores Social Connections and Total Scores Campus Resources and Facilities.