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New objective method for quantitative assessment of cut edge quality for paper and board

Welp, E. G.
Wolf, E.
Heindl, J.
In the paper converting and finishing industry the cut edge quality is of particular importance to the manufacturing processes, e.g. the printing process. In this paper an objective method for the quantitative evaluation of the cut quality of thin, plane materials is presented. In a first part of this paper existing procedures for the evaluation of the cut quality are analyzed. Afterwards the own method, consisting of two essential elements, is presented. The first element is the measurement data logging by use of a CCD line camera and the second one, is the measuring data evaluation with a self-developed software. The capabilities of the developed method are demonstrated on evaluating cutting edges of four thin, plane materials. The results show, that the procedure is suitable to differentiate cut results sufficiently and to transfer them into quantified quality grades in reproducible manner.