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Future online concept for roll and sheet production in papermaking technology and process requirements for web handling

Welp, E. G.
The process of on-line converting is discussed as a chance to increase the productivity and quality in roll and sheet converting in paper mills. In this article the technical and process related prospects will be presented on the basis of an exemplary production line (WFC Paper) and transferred into realizable concepts for continuity paper converting.
In the case of roll production, the segment of large rolls with standard sizes is very suitable for an on-line-production, and in the case of sheet production the segment of larger lot sizes. In both cases a new machine design with altered functions and a higher level of automation and process control is necessary.
These alterations yield diverse requirements for web and sheet handling, which have to be fulfilled for a continuous and high-quality production. All fundamental technologies such as transport mechanics of webs and sheets, winding and stacking mechanics, slitting in length and cross direction as well as measurement and control techniques for the monitoring of converting processes in particular belong to this category. These technologies will be discussed and further tasks for research work will be presented.