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Program for quality circle training in data collection

Gognat, Linda S.
Scope and Method of Study: This report describes the activities involved in an internship that consisted of the development of slide/tape training programs in data collection for Quality Circle members. The objectives of the internship were: 1) to develop expertise in the planning, production, and editing of audiovisual materials; and 2) to prepare a program for quality circle training in data collection within a university setting. A model is outlined for the planning and production of an audiovisual program and a variety of quality circle training programs are described.
Conclusions and Recommendations: The selection of a theory of adult learning is described as a necessary step in planning any training program. The development of objectives that limit the length and complexity of the training program is presented. The need for expertise in developing visuals is recommended. An orderly arrangement of steps for production of audiovisual programs is discussed as necessary for a timely completion of similar programs. The range of skills required by such a broad internship leads to the recommendation that a similar internship should either be narrowed in scope or should involve a team approach of more than one intern.