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Comparison of Shopping and Purchasing Preferecences at Farmers' Markets That Accept Snap Ebt and Farmers' Markets That Do Not in Oklahoma

Grady, Claire E.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the shopping and purchasing preferences of shoppers at two different types of farmers' markets in Oklahoma; one that accepted SNAP EBT, and one that did not. Additionally, to investigate if fresh fruit and vegetable consumption was affected based upon market type. The sample included a total of 60 participants, both male and female, who were shopping at the markets; there were a total of 30 participants from each market. The sample was a convenience sample. Data was collected via a survey, which was handed out to shoppers within the market, and completed on site. Each market was surveyed a total of five times throughout the months of August and September 2010. Findings of this study indicate there were statistical differences between the demographics of shoppers at each market. Statistical differences were also observed in where shoppers from each market purchased fresh fruits and vegetables most often. Additionally, shoppers indicated they would shop at farmers' markets more often if it were located closer to home. Future research needs to be conducted to test the validity of these findings.