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Data workshops in support of researchers at the University of Oklahoma

Schilling, Amanda
Laufersweiler, Mark
Curry, Claire
Tweedy, Brent
OU Libraries is in their third semester of offering research data workshops that focus on the skills and tools needed by students, staff, and faculty who are involved in research. We developed curriculum based on The Carpentries lessons in order to offer shorter, 1 – 2.5-hour workshops more frequently than the typical two-day Carpentries workshops. We organized the workshops into three categories to reflect researcher needs: Survival Skills to teach research data basics (such as backups, data formatting, and file organization); Better Practices to teach data practices that many researchers will use but may not be applicable to all individuals (such as version control and data management plans); and Workflow Tools to teach specific beginner and intermediate tools (such as graphing in R and Python and formatting documents in LaTeX). Slides, instructor notes, and workshop materials are available to the community at OU and beyond through Open Science Framework with a CC-BY license to facilitate curriculum sharing. This poster will outline the various workshops we offer, campus participation thus far, and some feedback from learners.