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Perkins water tower and water system improvements design

Merkel, Lela
Alfadhli, Ali
Lee, Josephine
Pikett, Christian
Thompson, Philip
The City of Perkins needs a new water tower to provide storage for fire flow for a proposed Iowa Tribe health center. The health center is expected to prompt westward residential development in the town, but the western part of the city is less developed than the east. These new developments, along with the overall future growth of the city, may require water system improvements so that the water distribution system can sustain the city. This project involves the design of a 250,000-gallon composite water tower and an in-depth water system analysis for improvement suggestions. The tower and water system designs will help the City of Perkins support the proposed health center and future development by adding additional storage for clean water and facilitating water movement for better water pressure and flow.