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Visual aids correlated with the course of study for woodwork in the junior high schools, Wichita, Kansas

Lehr, Robert J.
Scope of Study: This study was developed to encourage the industrial arts teacher to make more use of visual aids as a means of improving his instruction The history and philosophy of visual aids indicates their importance as a teaching medium and tells how they have been used from the time of the primitive man. Demonstration sheets, film synopsis of films in the Wichita Film Library, and material obtainable from commercial firms were developed to correlate with the course of study for woodwork in Wichita, Kansas.
Conclusions: Visual aids have always had a place in the learning process and are probably the oldest means of conveying ideas. However, the most rapid growth has taken place in the past two decades. World War II had a tremendous effect upon visual aids as a teaching medium as thousands of men were trained, in a brief period of time by this method.
The industrial arts teacher can enrich his teaching and provide a more effective means of presenting his instruction by making use of the various types of visual aids. The shop can be made a more interesting place to work, and help create the desired attitude in the mind of the student, with colorful displays and models.