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Are performance ratings revealed to peers?

Bone, Jeffrey D.
Scope and Method of Study: A formalized statistical, ex-post facto study was made to determine if performance ratings are revealed to peers. Confidential questionnaires were distributed to employees of Corporate Engineering at Phillips Petroleum Company at two locations. In the last few years, Corporate Engineering has become more open in revealing how their system of salary administration works. Engineers are now informed of their rating in private consultation with their supervisor. The purpose of this study is to determine whether any particular group of engineers is more likely to reveal performance ratings to peers.
Findings and Conclusions: The key question of the survey, did you reveal your performance rating to your peers, was answered yes on only 16% of the questionnaires. The first hypothesis is that ratings are revealed more by the younger Engineers. This was not supported by this study. The second hypothesis is that Registered Professional Engineers would be more likely to reveal rating information. This hypothesis was also not supported by this study. The third hypothesis is that there should be no difference in revealing tendencies between types of Engineers or sex. The data supported the hypothesis of no relationship between types of engineers. There were only 2 females that responded to the questionnaire. Because there are so few females, more testing would be required to accept the hypothesis.