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Video inspection of wells in open loop ground source heat pump systems in Norway

Gjengedal, Sondre
Ramstad, Randi K.
Hilmo, Bernt Olav
Frengstad, Bjørrn
This paper presents results from video inspections of groundwater wells in Melhus and Elverum, in Norway. The method has identified iron hydroxides, bacterial growth and sand production as causes of clogging in different wells. Video inspection has proven itself a reliable, inexpensive and quick method for such investigations. The videos supply documentation for the building owner about the well condition. A video inspection should be incorporated as a standard part of the tender document and an integrated part of the maintenance routine. Finally, open loop GSHP and ATES system wells should be designed and manufactured with integrated video inspection options. This will ease the fault detection process and reduce maintenance costs of the system through the lifetime of the wells.