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Micromachining and Surface Build-up on Borosilicate Glass Using Excimer Laser

Jilludimudi, Surya Supradeep
Micromachining in borosilicate glass (because of its properties) is advancing rapidly for numerous nanotechnology applications. The main feature this glass requires is ability to be shaped for MEMS components. Since other machining techniques result in microcracks, laser micromachining is used. Material build-up and material removal result when an excimer laser beam impinges a borosilicate glass surface. Their features are studied by investigating various parameters such as input energy, media, size of mask and number of loops using optical microscope and laser interference microscope. Good material built-up, on the order of 25 to 35 nm was obtained for 1 mm mask at low energies when tests were conducted in air, distilled water, and methanol. It is also found that borosilicate glass results in minimal number of cracks when micromachining under polymer is done compared to micromachining in air, or under water.