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Journey to discover the next magic bullet

Miller, Alexa
Breast cancer is currently the most common cancer among women worldwide. There are several forms of treatment, which may include hormonal therapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. Different treatments work better for different types of breast cancers. For example, hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers are more treatable with hormone therapies, while targeted therapies are more effective for hormone-receptor-negative breast cancers. Most of the current treatments are accompanied by harsh side effects; some of which may even lead to death of the cancer patient. Studies show that possibly focusing and performing extensive research on a patient's genetics may lead to a better form of treatment for each individual person. Between this and finding a better method of delivery of the cancer treatment drugs, which will hopefully reduce the amount of harsh side effects, this may be the next step forward in finding cures for not only breast cancers, but cancers found throughout the body.